How to ensure your posts rank well in Google SERP

  1. Perform search analysis to determine the competitiveness
    Don’t rely on just keyword research tools as their numbers are not the most accurate
  2. Write great content
    Your search analysis helps you understand existing articles and you can simply write something better than what is already out there
  3. Patience
    For new blogs, it takes about 8 months for your post to reach 95% of its potential

Give it time

  1. Promote your content
    If want instant results and traffic to your blog post you can promote your blog on social media such as Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest etc
  2. SEO

SEO this days are almost automatic and you do not have to worry about much – ensure you have a meta description and the right post schema, images and their alt text, the right topic for your post and that a pretty much all

Good luck!


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